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Lo spread dei prezzi campagna - punto vendita commentato in USA

Già nel 1993 nella rivista specializzata americana THE PACKER è stato pubblicato il seguente contributo a una discussione circa il problema dei ricarichi della distribuzione nel settore ortofrutta fesca:

Should growers care about the retail mark up or margin on their commodities?

This is my favorite quote whenever I discuss this issue with growers and I've developed whole talks on the subject:
"The farmer/retail price spread is among life's greatest riddles."
As you've all basically pointed out, farmers need to worry about their margins, not those of the retailers. If they want to get more of the retail price, then they need to take on some or all of the marketing/distribution/value-added costs associated with selling directly to the consumer. But if the USDA estimates are correct, that the farmer only gets ~20% ( ) of the retail value of most food products, then the retailer's price is only impacted by ten percent if the farm price goes up or down 50%. However, the demand for most products in a given market is too price inelastic, so a retailer won't sell significantly more/less, but will greatly impact the profitability, by adjusting price significantly.
It's a no win situation for the farmer to demand to know the pricing strategy of the retailer, except if the retailer is trying to pass on the low-ball pricing of a loss-leader, which then reminds me of my other favorite quote by a local peach grower when confronted with that proposal: "Whose sale is it anyway?"
And who do I attribute that quote above? Tom Karst, Marketing Editor, The Packer, column title May 22, 1993.

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